Find out about MTender e-procurement system in Moldova with OpenProcurement in its core

MTender is an e-procurement system, similar to ProZorro, since it was developed on the basis of the Prozorro code, but tailored to the Moldovan legislation. MTender was launched in January 2017.

Why is MTender similar to ProZorro?

As in Ukraine’s case, MTender was founded on three cornerstones:

  1. ‘everyone eyes everything’: the system’s code is open-sourced to ensure transparency of public procurement in Moldova;
  2. it is built as a “low-cost, low-maintenance” hybrid multiplatform model: independent front-end platforms are interconnected with the Central Database;
  3. the overall architecture.

What’s the difference between them?

The major difference lies in data format. Prozorro was designed for hosting on Amazon Web Services, while MTender is hosted on MCloud, Moldovan national cloud service. So, Prozorro has been reused in the infrastructure provided by MCloud.