is an open source toolkit, designed specifically for procurement of goods and services on behalf of public authorities or private entities

What procurements?

Both state-owned organisations and commercial ones can work with a system that announces tenders for procurement of goods and services.

Open &

How it works

The OpenProcurement toolkit includes two backend components: a Business Process Management (BPM) Engine and an API, as well as an Auction module. Frontend platforms interact with the BPM Engine via OpenProcurement API and provide suppliers with access to the Auction module for participation in the auction.

Preparation procedure Publication procedure Winner Bid Submission Auctions Contract
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Expand Public Procurement Limits with the System 4 awards received 14 procurement method types 8 auction types Achievements 50,000 auction participants every day 100,000 auction viewers every day 10,000 auction held every day 2,000,000 tenders announced each year Capabilities


The standard was developed by Open Contracting Partnership and incorporated in OpenProcurement to promote accessibility and use of contracting information.

is an open data standard for a structured
presentation of the data on contracting process.


OCDS is a yardstick of a well-structured presentation of the data, since it:

Describes in details the procedure of releasing data and associated documents at various stages of the contracting processes.
Promotes interoperability of the data
Helps in fighting corruption thanks for greater transparency of published data
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