Find out about commercial OpenProcurement-based project RIALTO

RIALTO is “the commercial ProZorro”, as the principles of the ProZorro were laid in its foundation.

ProZorro appeared thanks to joint efforts of the government and platforms. And RIALTO is the result of commercial platforms cooperation that created an analogue project, but for the purposes of business.

How does it work?

In contrast to ProZorro, in RIALTO no state-financed organisations take part in commercial tenders. Only private entities can be either buyers or suppliers.

The core principle is immutable, it is transparency. At any stage of a procuring process all data are accessible and open both for participants of the tender and viewers.

The key components of the RIALTO system are the same as for ProZorro: the central unit, which includes a central database (CDB), an API and several commercial platforms to provide or exchange information with a range of stakeholders.