Find information about OpenProcurement-based ProZorro e-procurement project in Ukraine

ProZorro is the Ukrainian electronic public procurement system. It was the first system with OpenProcurement toolkit in its core. In ProZorro the buyer is always a state-owned or state-financed organisation, while the supplier is a private entity.

The documentation can be very useful for introduction.

Why “ProZorro”?

“ProZorro” means “transparent” in Ukrainian. The name depicts system`s nature: everything is open. All the information on the tender process is accessible and can be monitored by anyone.

What auctions?

Currently two types of auctions are used in ProZorro: the Reverse price-descending auction and the Multivariable auction, designed for procurement of energy service contracts.

Where is the code?

All the Openprocurement code can be freely accessed at the github repository.

Why open source?

Firstly, usage of an open source system is free of charge. Secondly, if the software is open source, a third-party audit of the system can be carried out to verify its security. Lastly, all data are structured according to the Open Contracting Data Standard, what enables cross-country data comparison and analysis. OpenProcurement Data Standard was harmonized with Open Contracting 1.0RC.

What’s so special about ProZorro?

It is a “hybrid model” e-procurement system. It means that all data are stored in a central database (CDB). Each supplier and buyer can access all the data from one of multiple platforms, interfaces where they have been registered. Thus, if a state-owned organisation announces a tender from one platform, all participants, registered at other platforms, can find the tender and participate in it.

These interfaces are connected to the CDB with the help of an API, as a result all the information is synchronized across all platforms.

What’s the role of businesses and government?

The interaction of procurement participants create the “golden triangle of partnership”:

  • Government sets general rules and protects information.
  • Private sector provides platform interfaces for contracting authorities and suppliers to announce and participate in tenders.
  • Civil society monitors if procurement procedures correspond to the rules and laws.

Awards and recognition


  • On March 13-17, 2017, the ProZorro team won in the nomination “Trust of the Future” at the C4F Davos Awards 2017 in Geneva.

C4F Davos Awards is an annual ceremony of awarding experts in communication for significant professional achievements, a creative approach and unique vision of the sphere’s future.

  • In 2017 ProZorro was shortlisted in nominations "Transformation award" and "Cross Functional Collaboration Award" for the World Procurement Award.


  • On May 18, 2016, ProZorro was awarded the World Procurement Award (WPA) 2016 at Public Sector Awards in London for design and implementation of an e-procurement system with a unique architecture and philosophy.
  • On December 7, 2016, ProZorro received the annual prize of the Open Government Awards 2016 - during the Global Summit in Paris. Ukraine also gained special recognition for the involvement of youth in the project.
  • In 2016 ProZorro was shortlisted in the nomination “Public sector” for the World Procurement Award.
  • ProZorro became a showcase for the Open Contracting Partnership, a collaborative effort by the World Bank that promotes interest, openness and participation in public contracting.