Framework procedure in ProZorro

A few days ago a newly developed procedure was deployed to production environment in #ProZorro e-procurement system.

December 28, 2018

What is framework agreement? This is a specific two-staged type of purchase, that saves budget spending by aggregating demand from the market, specific contracting authorities and cutting administrative costs on announcement new tender each time. Maximum agreement duration is 4 years. What is the workflow of framework procedure in ProZorro? The procedure consists of:

  1. tendering module (1st stage) - central purchasing body (CPB) announces a tender for suppliers to join and sign the agreement, meaning only qualified short-listed suppliers will supply the defined goods.
  2. agreement module - confirmation of actual agreement signed by the CPB and short-listed suppliers on predefined terms and products.
  3. selection (2nd stage) - CPB announces tender on specific goods (from predefined list in agreement) for specific procuring entity with specific suppliers applied. There can be unlimited number of selection procedures announced. The winner is selected by the lowest price offered in a 3-round descending auction.
  4. contract - confirmation of actual contract signed between the procuring entity and the supplier.

Framework procedure in ProZorro

Development started in July 2018 after months of concept design, several workshops with stakeholders, business analysis of required software.

Quintagroup team passed through 4 sprints of development based on scrum methodology. What we have used? #Python, CouchDB, Zope, Pyramid, Pytest, git, Open Procurement, #OCDS, Docker, Gitlab, CI/CD, Redis.